We offer ski servicing with modern stone grinding machines (over-night) or express servicing within approx. 30 minutes (the perfect time for a coffee break at Jägers or the Alte Mulistation).

… with Top-Speed

Living up to our slogan „Abends gebracht – Morgens gemacht” (Handed over in the eveningAll ready in the morning)our service staff starts working as soon as the lights on the slopes get turned off. This way we can guarantee perfectly prepared rental equipment.

We are using the newest machines by  Reichmann and also offer servicing of race equipment.


  • open daily from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm during skiing season
  • For express servicing please bring skis dry or allow for 30 minutes waiting time


  • In general we recommend renting carving skis
  • Skis should reach between your chin and the tip of your nose
  • Skiboots should be comfortable and easy to handle
  • Wear skisocks
  • Skipoles should reach to just above yourwaist line
  • Bindings need to be adjusted by an expert and equipped with ski stoppers
  • Wear warm, waterproof clothing (skijacket, ski trousers and gloves)


(Adults / Children)
10 € / 5 €
Edge sharpening+ waxing
22 € / 12 €
Full Service (Waxing, coating, edge sharpening)
25 € / 18 €
Totally new (Repair, servicing, structure)
39 € / 24 €