Snowboard courses

We work together with specially trained snowboard instructors. It is an indescribable feeling to manage your first turning, to pass through the first deep snow slopes and to master your first jump.

Beginners can use a special boarder park to learn the first turns and jumps easily. The groups are arranged according to age and skill level.


Our special offerParent-Kid-Courses for 3- 5 year olds! Your kid and you are learning snowboarding together for 1 hour with an experienced instructor.


  • Weekend courses every Saturday / Sunday
  • Course times: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Daily Holiday courses during bavarian school holidays
  • During other holidays upon request


Booking viaphone, email or on site
! ATTENTION: limitedavailability
(First come, first serve.)

  • Course placements are depending on age and skilllevel
  • Course prices do not include lift passes or rental fees
  • Cash payments only
  • Rental fees


2 days á 3 hours on weekends
90 €
4 days á 3 hours during holidays
155 €
Parent-Kid-Course  (1 h)
30 €
Private lesson
50 €
Each additional person (4 Std.)
20 €